XII. BLUE SKIES + GAUDÍ NOV 18-24 ON BARCELONA The days are getting shorter (so are my blog posts...yikes!). But really, the days in Copenhagen are really really short. The sun sets around 3:30 pm, so it was nice to travel a bit more south where we were under the sun for 2 extra hours.… Continue reading TOLV.


XI. SLIP SLIDE NOV 11-17 THE BIG COUNTDOWN I have been so busy that I have not done a proper countdown of my remaining days, so I decided to do that now. I have 26 days left in Copenhagen. I strangely don't even have time to reflect or feel nostalgic. It's been a constant routine… Continue reading ELLEVE.


X. JUL MARKET NOV 4-10 THE START OF AN ENDLESS MONTH Starting this week and forward, I feel like I will be sprinting to the finish line. I think the month of November and December will be blurred together like one giant clump marked by deadlines after deadlines. While I do have my last study… Continue reading TI.