Hello folks and welcome to badum!, a weekly documentation of my study abroad experience. This is my very first time blogging in attempt to share my most honest thoughts and feelings on a public platform like this, so we’ll see how it goes…!

The name badum! surfaced from a conversation with my good friend Ahana where we were in the middle of discussing the possibility of starting a personal writing project together. Right then, I told her my heart went badum! from excitement. Then, she proceeded to change my contact name to badum! (lol). Now I find badum! to be very endearing because it is a very visceral and physical reaction of the excitement I am feeling that I hope to adopt in many places and experiences alike. I chose this name mainly in hopes that this study abroad and blog experience will keep the badum! going. 🙂

(Also, my friend Julie recently commented how the word badum sounds like the Korean term 받음 which means “receiving”. Wow!)

Thanks for tuning in and I hope you enjoy: The Eileen Ahn story – Denmark Edition !!

** the site is still very much under construction so bear with me. I am honestly still as lost as you are, but we’ll figure things out together!**


    December 8, 2019 by

    DEC 2-8 Emma dug up that photo^ while we were procrastinating on our work. It’s just missing Emma, our beloved photographer and Ella who joined us soon after for Hanna(h)’s birthday celebration earlier in the semester. SEMESTERET SNART SLUT = THE SEMESTER IS SOON OVER. Most of us have 5 days remaining here in Copenhagen.… Read more


    December 1, 2019 by

    NOV 25-DEC 1 fun fact: tretten or 13 is my favorite number to pronounce in Danish (ask me in person because it does not sound like the way it looks) A HYGGELIGT TAKSGIVING Our floor decided to have a floor taksgiving. The entire week leading up to Thanksgiving swept us in strong nostalgia and homesickness.… Read more

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