XIV. FIN: SEMESTERET SNART SLUT DEC 2-8 Emma dug up that photo^ while we were procrastinating on our work. It's just missing Emma, our beloved photographer and Ella who joined us soon after for Hanna(h)'s birthday celebration earlier in the semester. SEMESTERET SNART SLUT = THE SEMESTER IS SOON OVER. Most of us have 5… Continue reading FJORTEN.


XIII. JUL I KØBENHAVN NOV 25-DEC 1 fun fact: tretten or 13 is my favorite number to pronounce in Danish (ask me in person because it does not sound like the way it looks) A HYGGELIGT TAKSGIVING Our floor decided to have a floor taksgiving. The entire week leading up to Thanksgiving swept us in… Continue reading TRETTEN.


XII. BLUE SKIES + GAUDÍ NOV 18-24 ON BARCELONA The days are getting shorter (so are my blog posts...yikes!). But really, the days in Copenhagen are really really short. The sun sets around 3:30 pm, so it was nice to travel a bit more south where we were under the sun for 2 extra hours.… Continue reading TOLV.


X. JUL MARKET NOV 4-10 THE START OF AN ENDLESS MONTH Starting this week and forward, I feel like I will be sprinting to the finish line. I think the month of November and December will be blurred together like one giant clump marked by deadlines after deadlines. While I do have my last study… Continue reading TI.


VII. TRAVEL WEEK OCT 5-13 CORE COURSE WEEK It's core course week! At DIS, students have 2 free weeks set aside for traveling. One week is called a core course travel week where (pretty self explanatory) students travel with their core class to go to another country for different workshops. It's basically a ~ groovier… Continue reading SYV.


V. I'M TIRED !!! SEPT 15 - 22 BODY SLAM We are entering week 6 and I am already feeling very tired. And it's not the same kind of exhaustion that I experienced back home where I would feel incredibly burnt out from all the workload and obligations I signed up for (and these were… Continue reading FEM.