NOV 25-DEC 1

fun fact: tretten or 13 is my favorite number to pronounce in Danish (ask me in person because it does not sound like the way it looks)


Our floor decided to have a floor taksgiving. The entire week leading up to Thanksgiving swept us in strong nostalgia and homesickness. I thought of my family’s small gathering, my brother’s annual attempt to cook turkey (he is improving each year although my family hates turkey), and how we would always end up watching a movie with our bellies stuffed. With only two and a half weeks remaining before the night of celebration, we were all in hectic frenzies, burrowed in our rooms typing away, but thankfully, Sophia constantly reminded us to make the dinner happen.

We all signed up for different dishes: Mother Hen decided to take on a whole chicken (a true adult!), Sophia shared her family’s traditional corn soufflé, Esmeralda on pumpkin pie, Hanna(h) made gravy, Emma roasted veggies, Ella made salad, and I made mashed potatoes and gløgg, a traditional Danish mulled wine. Annika and Ava from the floor below also brought mac and cheese (so so good with pesto agh) and sweet potatoes. We were all so so impressed by the meal. It was ACTUALLY all really delicious and we were happy we had leftovers (It lasted for about 3 meals for me. So great). I am happy we decided to celebrate Thanksgiving together even abroad.


Yes, it’s finally finally December. I hate that there is only one month left in the year 2019, but I am also happy that this journey is slowly coming to a close. I think we all agreed that although we are going to miss this place a lot, we want this semester to finish so we can be done with the workload we have. The grind won’t stop until the second to last day before going home.

Between studies though, we have been bopping around some of the many many Christmas markets around Copenhagen. There was a big Studio Arhoj sale yesterday, so Hanan, Soph, and I waited in line for an hour at 9 in the morning (definitely worth it though). I am excited to gift folks with presents from Europe. There are Christmas lights up on the streets, decorations, Christmas trees in big metro stops…things are getting really festive here, but I haven’t been really in the mood. Perhaps it’s because I realize that Christmas won’t be celebrated here, so I can’t really get in the mood until I am back home.

D-12 !!!!!!

Badum! baaadduuummmm:

  • I am officially done with my core course + lab (besides the manuscript) and it is really beautiful because that means I don’t have my 8:30 class and lab that ends at 4 pm anymore, so I have Tuesdays and Fridays off… (,: more time to do work…!
  • While working on my watercolor assignments, I came across past sketches I made from my travels and it made me sort of nostalgic and happy that I documented these moments through art
  • I bought myself a mug (+ other things) from the Studio Arhoj sale and it makes me sincerely so happy because I love the glaze so much. It’s white with mossy/mint green that drips down and it kind of reminds me of neuroscience and biology and something hydra-like (iykyk). And green is my favorite color. Mornings have become more pleasant because now I have my own mug instead of constantly washing mugs loaded in the dishwasher.
  • Claire visited my apartment a few nights ago and we had a long, heartfelt, deeeeep deep conversation on a lot of things. I am excited to return to Claremont with her and unpack everything we have learned and experienced together.
  • The sun has been out this whole weekend – the longest it’s ever been out this season
  • It also snowed briefly a few days ago! a wild sighting.

Well, this blog is also coming to a close…! This will probably be my second to last, or third to last post depending on whether my final abroad reflection will be in a video form or not. If you have been a regular visitor, I thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. It really means a lot. ❤

until next time,


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