DEC 2-8

Emma dug up that photo^ while we were procrastinating on our work. It’s just missing Emma, our beloved photographer and Ella who joined us soon after for Hanna(h)’s birthday celebration earlier in the semester.


Most of us have 5 days remaining here in Copenhagen. I was sort of dreading to write this blog post because it is forcing me to reflect on my time abroad and slowly pack things up mentally and physically. I wish I had the downtime to reflect, stroll around the city one last time, say goodbye to all the lil nooks and crannies of the city that have been meaningful to me during my time here, but it seems like the last few days will be occupied with chores, deadlines, the final symposium, successfully spending my food stipend to the last kroner, saying goodbye to my dear host family, and packing, packing, packing…hopefully one last visit to malmö for mi clogs??! Maybe I’ll bawl my eyes out during my layover in D.C., just devastated by the fact that it will be difficult to find this particular community, especially my beloved 5th floor suite mates, in the same space for a long, long time.

I’ll be heartbroken that my dear Hanan lives across the country in freaking Boston, a city that I vowed to never return over the summer (but now I am willing to face the humidity and the dreadful rain to see her because now Boston means so much more to me than a summer internship). That Esmeralda is graduating and she will be moving forward to pursue grand, amazing things in the real world, but also the looming realization that I am just a few steps behind her. That Hanna(h) will be in the middle of Minnesota and the only way to see her is via an impersonable flat screen of my laptop. Emma, hopefully I catch her a few times during breaks before she leaves for Ohio. Sophia….is Sophia. I will have her for at least 3 more semesters, thank goodness. Same with Ella and Taelor. Jiwon is also graduating and it hurts a bit knowing that there is this looming uncertainty: when will I see these people, these people whom I love love love so dearly to death, again?

During my time in Copenhagen, I have definitely complained a lot. I officially coined Denmark as the country of unnerving, oblivious dystopia. Some people, including some professors, were impossible to be around. Not to mention how disappointing the academics were. Every time we walked down the street, our presence screamed American and to this day, we embarrass ourselves at our beloved grocery store, Netto. The weather here has been…dreadful. I definitely do not have a sufficient amount of iron or necessary vitamins. There were times when I’ve gone hungry to bed mainly because I was too lazy to cook.

But through it all, I can only really reflect on all the good memories. Like my suite mates squeezing in occasional movie and brownie nights (we watched Love Actually last night) as a study break. Wholesome dancing in Sophia and Emma’s room (because they have a HUGE room). Visiting some really cool places with my Arts LLC or with my (extreme!) watercolor class that I didn’t think to visit on my own. Having the freedom to actually read, journal, and create for pleasure. Creative days where I would watercolor or sketch at the kitchen table while Sophia worked on her graphics or embroidery or journal and Emma edited her photographs. Sleeping in. Not getting out of my PJ’s for the whole freaking day. Starting off my mornings with “I had a really weird dream last night…” and unpacking my freaky detailed dreams with Hanan first thing in the morning. Constant music sharing and streaming with friends or moments like “this reminded me of you…!”. Having the privilege to travel to other countries and experience different cultures, foods, and languages every other week. Visiting Noah in Paris and Johann in London. Feeling comforted a little bit by the fact that the older I get, the more I am able to eliminate things; it has not necessarily helped me in finding a clearcut path or an answer, but it has helped me narrow things down. My host family’s warmth and unconditional love they shared with me and my friends. My lab experiment, its design and production, as well as the manuscript (although my group was SO difficult to work with). I also feel a bit more grounded with myself. I know how I want to spend the remaining semesters back at Pomona. I know the things I hope to take back and unpack at home. I feel inspired to work on more creative projects and reinvent different visions I had bottled up in my little journal for months on end because “I couldn’t find the time to do it”.

Most importantly, I think this study abroad experience sort of forced me to learn more about myself. What I like, what I dislike. How my priorities have changed overtime, how I have changed overtime. How I deal with conflict and people in general. What I aspire to do moving forward, or more so what I don’t aspire to do. I feel grown and young at once, experienced yet completely lost in the world. It’s a strange place to be at now that this is all coming to a close.

I will definitely miss the freedom of being in the center of the city. I will miss the beauty of hopping onto a metro or the train for a weekend excursion. Claremont and Copenhagen exhibit such a stark dichotomy, but hopefully next semester I find my way off campus more. I look forward to maintaining the connections I’ve made here and will look forward to the day when we all meet again!

* I still have 5 more days left, but I figured I will be very jet-lagged, exhausted, and sappy to make another sane post, so I guess this is the end to Badum! (European edition?! Will I blog more in the near future? Another uncertainty looms over us!)

Here is one last Badum! list although that gigantic paragraph was a long reflective badum! on the whole semester…!

  • Sophia and I got matching dresses at this clothing store called Rude and the cashier was sooooo so soooo so sweet. Wow, she really made our day. Also, our dresses are cute and we lamented a little bit because it would have looked bomb at yule ball. Next year, I guess.
  • I found a bopping song today and then shared it with Sophia. We bopped together. I love bopping together with friends who can appreciate the same music.
  • I FINALLY finished Christmas shopping. I had a really hard time finding a gift for my mom because she is always like “don’t get me anything. Don’t spend your money on me”, but I did it everyone…with 5 days remaining.
  • Sophia, Emma, and I were walking down Istedgade and we saw a little bab walking with a hot drink and she clanked her cup and cheers-ed with her dad and we screamed internally.
  • I love looking back on old photos and getting all sappy and nostalgic. Well, that’s what we did today when Emma pulled up her old photography projects. There is a picture of me and Sophia napping together and we look so hygge. (best nap ever)

If you have joined me every week on my blogging/study abroad journey from the very opening of badum!, I want to extend my deeeeeeeepest love and gratitude! It really really means a lot that you have been keeping up with what’s happening with me on this lil island (Copenhagen is on an island in case you didn’t know because some people don’t. I certainly didn’t know until I did my research a few hours before leaving). I am incredibly thankful for my semester here, and I am excited to spend the rest of the year with my family in California. Thank you for your patience, tolerating my sloppy writing, and frozen picture gallery that I never updated (Please just look at my ig for pictures or message me!). Thank you, thank you, thank you for tuning in. ❤

signing off with love,


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