NOV 4-10


Starting this week and forward, I feel like I will be sprinting to the finish line. I think the month of November and December will be blurred together like one giant clump marked by deadlines after deadlines. While I do have my last study break before the semester comes to a close, I know I will be working then too. I sometimes like to ask my suite mates if they could eliminate one thing from their workload, what they would choose. I personally would like to eliminate my neuroimaging exam more than anything else. It’s just a wishful thinking that makes us procrastinate even more, but eliminating even just one workload would help us pace our race a lil bit.


On Thursday evening, my good friend Elise from Pomona came to visit for the weekend. She is currently studying abroad in Dublin. I feel as though her visit was planned during the worst, but weirdly also the best time of the semester. It was the worst timing because I have 3 exams coming up the following week. I was afraid I wouldn’t be a good host to find the time take her around Copenhagen. Still, it turned out to be the best because her visit allowed me to not procrastinate and finish my workload in advance (thank you, Elise) and the weather was actually pretty nice!

The timing was also great because there was a lot to do this weekend. On Saturday, my host family picked us up to go to a Jule (Christmas) Market an hour west from Copenhagen at the tip of the island. The car ride was soooooosooo wonderful. There were endless stretches of beautiful trees and now-barren, but green farmland. I shared my previous trip in Amsterdam and France and Elise’s study abroad experience in Dublin.

The market was frankly in the middle of nowhere. It was located in a deep rural, pretty barren town. At the center of the market was a beautiful, historical 4 story white house that was turned into a hotel encircled by different tents and vendors. We saw a marching band, horses, and lots and lots of vendors selling little Christmas ornaments, trinkets, sweaters, jewelry, and more.

Sisse told us the Danes do this thing – I forget what it is called – during Christmas or I guess during campfire in general, that is very similar to roasting marshmallow, but instead, you roast raw dough. You stretch the dough super thin and wrap it around a giant skewer. We…basically baked bread…on a stick!!!! Then we popped it off and dipped it in jam. It was surprisingly delicious.

We also tried æbleskriver, a traditional Danish snack. It literally means apple slices, but the modern recipe actually does not include apples. They are spherical and remind me a lot of cake pops, but a fried version of it dipped in jam and powdered sugar. yum yum.

The car ride back was very soothing. Sisse, Elise, and I all fell asleep and Morten turned on the radio low, so there was a soft backdrop of Christmas songs that made the nap even more hygge. Sisse gifted me and Elise each a bag of Danish Christmas tea to take back home with us. I am constantly floored by their generosity.

Sunday was Elise’s last day in Copenhagen. We visited a big Danish design market hosted by FindersKeepers. I was quite overwhelmed by the endless rows of vendors in a big warehouse, but this market really captured the essence of “Danish design” in one place. Everything was also extremely pricey. I was, thankfully, successful in picking out a Christmas gift for my host family and a funky pair of earrings for myself!

Elise’s visit was short-lasted, but it was very comforting to have a familiar face visit Copenhagen. It was a weird mix of two different worlds colliding, but in the best way possible.

Sophia reminded me to make a badum! list for this blog post because I have been lacking on these past few posts, so here goes:

  • The sun briefly peeped for a second today !! It’s always a pleasure seeing our old friend from time to time
  • I enjoy cooking for my friends. I haven’t done much cooking this week since I have been eating a lot of leftovers + been exploring restaurants with Elise, but even just making eggs for my friends can be fun
  • the dumplings Elise and I had for dinner that Saturday evening…! (@Gao Dumpling Bar)
  • Good NEW, old, or reacquainted bops that remind me of certain individuals or memories. I’ve been loving Malibu 1992, Peach, Empty, La Thune, Let It Pass, Redwood Tree, and Maybe She.
  • When my suite mates appreciate my music taste! heehhee I feel affirmed ! (6A is my new Copenhagen playlist !!)
  • my spring semester classes (especially because I have Friday afternoons free and this is unheard of…!)
  • good thrift finds !!

I am feeling very very thankful towards a lot of things happening, both new and old. I guess I’ve been in a very reflective mood lately with the semester coming to a close. 5 weeks left, folks!

Until next time,


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