XIV. FIN: SEMESTERET SNART SLUT DEC 2-8 Emma dug up that photo^ while we were procrastinating on our work. It's just missing Emma, our beloved photographer and Ella who joined us soon after for Hanna(h)'s birthday celebration earlier in the semester. SEMESTERET SNART SLUT = THE SEMESTER IS SOON OVER. Most of us have 5… Continue reading FJORTEN.


XIII. JUL I K√ėBENHAVN NOV 25-DEC 1 fun fact: tretten or 13 is my favorite number to pronounce in Danish (ask me in person because it does not sound like the way it looks) A HYGGELIGT TAKSGIVING Our floor decided to have a floor taksgiving. The entire week leading up to Thanksgiving swept us in… Continue reading TRETTEN.